A modern twist on the all classic Tetris game, Tetroid is a fun puzzle game. this simple but challenging brain-teaser of a game can be played on any device- phone, pc or tablet.

Like Tetris you fit the blocks given so that they fill the entire block of a line. but unlike Tetris, here the blocks/elements donĀ“t fall but instead you drag and drop them on any part of the 10×10 canvas. Also you can make not only horizontal lines but also vertical ones.

Once you do the lines disappear and you earn points. Fill up the grid with the colored blocks and see how many points you can earn. Strategise and plan so that you always have space left for more blocks. The game ends once the grid is filled and you have no space left.

Good way to pass the time and enhance your cognitive abilities at the same time. Fun puzzle game for everyone of all ages.

Game controls