Super Mario Rush


Super Mario Rush : Play your favorite childhood game on mobile and online without any downloads.

You can also jump once while mid-air with a second tap. Hold your tap to float and fall slowly.

Collect as many coins as you can as these will be helpful in buying upgrades and continuation. You can customise Mario as Pikachu and other upgrades in the shop once you accumulate 200 coins.

There are no goombas in this version but there are other dangers lurking that you have to avoid- wooden spikes that protrude from the ground, sharp rotating discs that float in the air. You also have to jump over the water and stay on land. Fall into any of these traps and its game over and you have to start again. Unless you have amassed 100+ coins- in that case you can use your 100 coins to continue where you left off.

This game is free to play and requires n registration or downloads. There are no ads either so enjoy.

Game controls