Stickman Boost


Stickman Boost is a fun platform game where you get to climb, jump and run through various platforms. Get to the checkered point at each level to complete it.

Collect gold coins to unlock all achievements and try to finish the level as fast as you can to get the highest score possible. You can just play freestyle though and enjoy the sheer fun of jumping and being Jackie Chan.


This game can be played from your laptop or Desktop Computer using your keyboard for controlling the character.
Or play the game on your mobile!

Play Fullscreen

Get the best gaming experience by playing Stickman Boost in fullscreen mode.


This game was developed by Y8 along with (for loggin in and saving progress)

Gameplay Walkthrough Video

Watch the Walkthrough Video below to help guide you if you have any difficulties getting to the exit point. Enjoy.

Game controls

How to play Stickman Boost

Left and Right arrows or A and D to move.
down Arrow or S to crawl and crouch.
Up Arrow or W to jump. Double tap to jump higher with a somersault.