Let take you back in time to the good old days when this was one of the best and few games available in ancient mobile phones and computers. But not its even better- cool graphics, colourful skins and the sheer fun of playing and competing with other players from around the world.

Regarded by many to be the sequel to the worldwide hit game, is a massive multiplayer online game where players control an avatar resembling a snake or worm. is like a mix of two games- the old classic mobile game ‘Snake’ and ‘’.
You start off as a tiny little snake. Guide hime around the arena using your mouse and eat the pellets lying there- some of which are spawned when a player dies. As you consume the pellets you become longer and bigger.

Be careful though – if your head collides into another player, it’s game over and you must start over from the beginning. Once a player dies a pellet appears and can be devoured by the other players to grow bigger.

One common tactic used by the players in the game is to circle around another player hence forcing hi to collide onto you and destroying himself. This can be done more easily once you have consumed a good number of pellets and grown to a substantial length.

So consume as many pellets as you can and get bigger. Destry other snakes and eat their pellets and grow grow GROW to be the biggest snake of the day and at the #1 sopt at the leaderboard.

So in many ways its a lot like but instead of circles there are snakes. There’s also the fact that you can kill the biggest snake even if you are the smallest one there. Great game to pass the time for everyone. Simple, fun and yet also challenging.

Play this online snake game Fullscreen

To make the game’s canvas fully cover your pc’s screen just click on the blue “Fullscreen” button that is present above the game canvas. Enjoy.

Play unblocked

Enjoy free unblocked access to from this site. We’ve embedded it in a sandbox iframe. cheers.

This HTML5 MMO snake game was created by Steven Howse. You can play this from any device in fullscreen view. However we recommend using a desktop or laptop for best gaming experience.
Fun Fact: Steven was finding it difficult to pay his rent before the success of this game. After the launch of, he was making around $100K on days when traffic peaked 🙂 Gameplay Video

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