Pearl’s Peril


If you love hidden objects game then you’ll love Pearl’s Peril. Journey back to the romantic 1930s with Pearl Wallace – ace pilot and world explorer- and her delightful best friend, Iris Hillman, on an epic adventurous journey of a lifetime.

Enjoy the beauty and romance of this game. Make new friends, fall in love, while at the same time seek clues in hundreds of hidden object scenes.

Pearl Wallace is an ace pilot and detective who seeks to solve the mystery of her father’s suicide. Despite evidence, she knows that it was murder. She resolves to find the bad guys and clear her father’s name.

From Africa to Europe, Pearl travels around the world and needs your help to find the evidences which will help her confirm her suspicions. Travel with our heroine to her family’s island Artemis and unlock the mysteries and deceptions that involve all the people that she has known and loved. Help her find the wealth to rebuild the island while discerning friends from enemies.

As you join Pearl on her adventures, remember one thing: Nothing is as it seems and trust no one.

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