Not Not


Not Not is a fast paced reaction skill brain-teasing game. You are given instructions- such as swiping etc. that you have to follow. Sounds simple right- but it gets trickier as you advance the levels and it messes with your brain.

The game starts off with simple swipe instructions such as Up,Down, Left then little more complex ones such as Not Up, Nothing, Not Right. Keep in mind that the time given to react decreases as your level increases.

Then it advances to even more complex ones such as swiping in the direction of certain colors- blue, yellow etc… You need good reflexes and a calm focused mind to succeed in this game. In turn playing it also helps improve these skills.

If you swipe in the wrong direction, you still have two more lives left to continue adding to your score. How high can you score before it’s game over?

Get ready for a good mental exercise playing this game. Fun, addicting and sometimes frustrating. Brings back memories of the game “Simon Says” that is played during childhood.

This online brain busting game was created by the developers at AltShift. You can play Not Not Online without download in fullscreen mode from your pc, phone or tablet. However its best played on touchable ones such as smartphones, (iOS, android or any other os)- tablets, kindle fire etc because you need to swipe fast in the later stages and its difficult to do that with a mouse. Enjoy.
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