Description is an awesome MMO animals game. You start off as a mouse and as you eat you grow and evolve into more bigger and powerful creatures such as wolf, dragon, kraken etc.

Food in

You can drink water and eat things like berries, mushrooms and even other animals to help you grow and evolve. Other food include plankton, arctic berries, banana, pear- the higher you evolve the more types of food you can eat.

Animals in

Transform your mouse into other animals such as rabbit and keep going higher up the food chain to creatures like foxes, dragons, etc. Some examples of land animals are- Zebra, Fox, Donkey, Wolf, Chetah, Gorilla, Lion and black dragon-although this is not specifically a land animal for Yes! you can fly and breathe fire!! How cool is that! Ocean animals include Turtle, Octopus, Killer whale, JellyFish, Shark, Blue Whale. In addition there are also Arctic animals. in fullscreen Mode

You can play this game in fullscreen mode on your Personal Computer (PC) by clicking the blue “Fullscreen” button present at the top of this page. Enjoy.

Play unblocked

If has been blocked on your computer, then you can easily play it from here unblocked. Thats because we’ve embedded the game in an iframe sandbox. Enjoy.

Game controls