Metal Animal


Metal Animal is a fun action shooting tank game where you control a team of cute animals. Help them defend their tank from being destroyed by the enemy.

In this tower-defense type game, you get to use some cool weapons to defend against attacks and defeat the bad guys. Prove that small animals can be strong and intelligent too and can beat the big bad ones in this awesome mechanical warfare game.

You start off with three empty spots on your tank. Fill them with the animals so that they can start shooting the enemy. Replace them with new ones once they run out of health. You can also soot a cannon yourself that gets refilled and ready to use with new ammo every few seconds.

Metal Animal is an HTML5 game that can be played on all kinds of devices- Phones, tablets, pc (android, iOS, Windows) – basically any device with a modern browser. This game can be played in full-screen mode on any device. Enjoy.

Made with love by and distributed online by Gamepix.

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