Little Big Snake


Little Big Snake ( is a fun .io game that is like a combination of and Clash Royale. Get ready for a lot of fun with friends and strangers from around the world as you eat to gain points and mass and become the biggest snake on the game.


In you start off as a small snake or beetle and eat pellets and destroy players’ mass to grow bigger. The larger you are the easier it is to kill others and dominate the game. Your score also increases along with your snake’s mass.

So this is in a sense very similar to but with more features and avatars. If Slither was a demo game then Little Big Snake would be the full version.


This fantastic game was created by Neodinamika Inc using Flash technology and hence you can play it on your Laptop or Desktop Personal Computer (PC).

Play Fullscreen

If this game is blocked on your computer then you can access it from here for free and unblocked. Then if you want to play it in fullscreen mode (highly recommended) just click on the button above the game canvas. Enjoy.

Gameplay Video

How to play Little Big Snake

Mouse- Move
Left-Click Mouse- Speed Boost or Ascend.