King Soldiers 3


Action time. King Soldiers 3 is the third instalment (and one of Your mission: rid the kingdom of all of these irksome monsters. Your weapons: a bazooka and a rifle. Can you wipe them all out in this action game?the best) of the original shooting game.

It’s not just a shoot em up game though. Some monsters are hard to reach and you have to plan and strategise to be able to kill them. There are walls where bullets can bounce off, and you can use these to reach the monsters that you cannot shoot directly. Some monsters also need to be shot at more than once in order to destroy them.

Use the least number of bullets in order to get the highest score and all the three stars in each game.

Enjoy and have fun. This game is made using HTML5 technology and can be played on all devices- pc, phone, tablet- except vintage radios.

This game was created, and hosted by the amazing people at CloudGames.

Game controls