Foot Chinko


This game can be described as a combination of pinball and soccer. You start off by choosing your team and then start playing against oyour rivals in major international tournaments.

There are a Wide range of tournaments to chhose from – Africa cup, the Olympic Games, European championship – play your best in all these events and lead your team to victory

The gameplay is to pass the ball to your teammates and score a goal past the moving goalkeeper. There are obstacles though that bounces the ball around like in a pinball game.

As you win matches, you advance to more difficult levels and face tougher opponents.. You’ll have to use your skills and tactics to score goals then. Hone and develop your skills as you win matches.

The more matches you win, the more points you gain which will enable you to buy power-ups. This will improve your team’s performance and help you play better. Enjoy.

Foot Chinko Gameplay