Dangerous Dungeons


Dangerous Dungeons follows the adventures of about Timmy- a little thief… err, treasure hunter, who has arrived to a deep and dark dungeon. Help him face the dangers inside this dungeon and get to the biggest treasure in the world. Dangerous dungeons has an old classic platformers feel that fans of games like Super Mario will love. The music by KungFuFurby also adds to overall awesome gameplay.

Doors in the stage selection open when you reach their corresponding stage the first time in either normal gameplay or Time Attack. The game will save between stages, so you can always continue your adventure later without losing progress!

Time Attack Mode: If you choose Time Attack from the main menu, the game skips the intro and all cutscenes, and the game begins right away from the Stage 1. In this mode, a counter appears to the top right corner, and it will count how long it takes you to clear the game. Returning to main menu or entering secret stage the normal way will terminate your time so be careful!

Secret Stages: The game has three hidden levels that are required to be beaten for you to reach the definitely final stage. You will receive hints how to find them after you beat Stage 30. These stages are not entered from doors, but by exiting the screen from the right area.

The game has won the Summer Game Jam 2011 contest!

How to play Dangerous Dungeons

Use arrow keys to move and Z to jump. Activate Switches and pick up keys by simply touching them. Press R to restart a stage. Press P to pause the game. Press Esc to return to the main menu.