Civilizations Wars Master Edition


Civilizations Wars Master Edition is a fast thinking strategy game, with deep tactic capabilities and amazing graphics in unique style. This special version combines four different games in one. Choose your favorite race, battle through tons of levels, capture varieties of buildings, fight against dangerous monsters and lead your people to victory!

Civilizations Wars Master Edition Gameplay

If you like strategy games like Age of Empires, Civ clicker then you’ll love Civilization Wars: Master Edition. It is a unique civilization game with a lot of features.

This special HTML5 version enables you to play this game from your phone or pc. The variety of things you can do in this game- such as racing, fighting battles (with other colonies) and monsters, capturing forts, buildings and villages- makes it unique and a lot of fun.

Choose a particular tribe or civilization as your own and grow and strengthen it. Make it strong and big and prepare your citizens and resources for an all out War.

Guide them to fight and win battles and take over and claim important locations as your own. Lead them using clever tactics and strategies to victory and ultimately conquering the world.