Call Me Young Kaleido



Cursor keys to navigate.
Up or Spacebar to jump.
Number keys or QWE and AZE to change colors.

Call Me young Kaleido (CMYK) takes a unique approach to the retro platform games of the good ol days. It is an awesome skill platform-puzzle game set in a neon themed world.

Call me young Kaleido gameplay

Join Kaleido on his adventures and help him reach the exit point. Change the background color to change the landscape of the room and turn walls and blockades into steps and portals you can go through.

Press the numbers (mostly 1, 2 and 3) on your keyboard to hide or reveal platforms and traps. With plenty of puzzling adventurous levels this game will be sure to provide you with hours of delightful gameplay. There’s also the soothing background music that’s just a perfect match to the game.

You can play this browser game online without ads from your PC’s browser using your keyboard. This colorful HTML5 game was created by Dante Lundell – a young indie developer from Sweden using Scirra’s Construct 2.