Bottle Flip Challenge


One of the most addicting physics skill game you will get to play. In bottle Flip challenge, swipe the bottle to make it flip in the air and land in the upright position.

This game is easy to play and yet difficult to master. Every time you are able to flip it correctly, you get to play a new level where new different objects and goals are introduced into the environment.

this game is a mix of fun and a bit of a challange because of its simple gameplay but difficulty in getting it upright as the game progresses. In other words, the kind of challenge everybody wants from agame.

You have to find a good strategy as you advance into higher levels. The more difficult the level, the more fun and addicting it gets.

This is the perfect time waster and you’ll never get bored with it. Play ths game while in the bus,waiting in line, slow day at work, sunday etc… whenever boredom hits you.

This game is fully responsive and can be played from your phone, tablet, or Computer’s browser.