Description is one of the most fun online io games ever. This is an MMO physics and strategy game where you push others off the screen.

Gameplay Gameplay

There can be upto 8 players in one battle. Battle your friends or other players from around the world online. Push others using various tactics and strategies off the game canvas (screen) to be the last man/woman standing to win the game.

You can create or join an aexisting room/map and start playing. Rooms can be created with different scenarios and objects. These objects can be placed in any part and in any way of the canvas. You can bounce off of these objects and other players.

Bonk is the original game mode but you can choose other custom maps/modes created by others in the community. You can also share your created modes for others to play in. Some popular maps are ‘football’ ‘duck and cover’ among many others.


Cursor Keys – Move and jump
X – Gain Mass and become heavier.


There are many tactics you can use to help you win against other players. One of them is called the ‘Jake Strat’strategy- named after the user who first used it- Jake McCarter. This method simply involvesstanding in a safe part of the game and avoiding contact with other players. This is considered a safe but cowardly tactic and is disapproved by as it makes the gameplay less fun.