Balls vs Blocks


Play Balls vs Blocks- the hottest new game on the itunes and Googleplay store- online. In this game you have to guide a snake of balls through a field filled with mazes, blocks and balls. Collect the balls and smash as many bricks as you can to earn the highest score. Remember that you can only smash bricks whose number value is lower than yourself. If you run into a brick bigger than your number, you’ll be destroyed and its game over. So for example if your snake nmber is 10 and you run into a 5-valued ball your number of balls will be 15. So you can break bricks that are 14 or lower. There are also negative balls that you have to avoid- they will decrease yur number if you run into them. When playing this game the best thing you can have is speed- being able to go from one side to the other quickly, so you can collect balls and avoid high-valued bricks. This awesome game is like a mix of Snake and Ballz and is created by the amazing developers at Voodoo. This web version is hosted and distributed on the net by 4j.