Airmash (

Description (Airmash) is an online MMO fighter-jet warfare shooting game. Control a jet and shoot other players to become No. 1. Play it online free now, by logging in or playing as guest. Whats amazing about this MMO game is that it can be played on phones and tabs too with inscreen controls. You start off with a basic fighter jet and the more planes you destroy the more you are able to avail of the various upgrades such as speed and missiles. These upgrades will make your airplane more powerful and able to withstand more shots. Keep going to become Number 1 at the leaderboard.

Gameplay Modes

There are three game modes you can choose from- 1. Free For All (FFA) 2. Capture The Flag (CTF) 3. Battle Royale (BTR) As of this writing there are three regions you can choose from- Europe, USA and Asia. The region closest to you is autmatically selected.


Cursor Keys or W, A, S, D- Move Space- Shoot Ctrl or Shift – Special Ability 1, 2, 3, 4 – Upgrade for Speed, Defense, Energy Regenration and Missile Speed Respectively. Click on Fullscreen Button to make the game fullscreen. V- Spectator Mode


You can Play Airmash online on any device that has a browser-

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • Android or iOS (or any other OS) mobile phones
  • Android tablet, ipad or any other OS tablet.


This beautiful browser game was created by the amazing developers at Five Sigma. Developed using HTML5 technology with pixi.js and WebGL for stunning graphics.