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The Spirits of Kelley Family

The spirits of Kelley Family is a fun hidden objects adventure game. It's a point-and-click puzzle gamewhere you can play using touch on your phone or tab or by usingthe mouse on your computer. If you get stuck and need help, watch the walkthrough at the end of this description.

The Spirits of the Kelley Family are trapped in four crystals inside an old abandoned house. You have to collect clues, solve puzzles and find the missing secret elemental crystals to release their souls.

This game has beautiful artwork, soothing music, an interesting plot and lots of challenging puzzles and mini games.

If you like hidden-objects games like Pearl's Peril then you'll love this one.

Gameplay Walkthrough Video

Watch the Walkthrough Video below to help you with various levels and puzzles such as the 1st and 2nd Crystal and Bookshelf passage etc.