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STARVE.IO is an awesome survival strategy game where you do your best to stay alive in a cold forest environment. In this multiplayer game the most important thing you need to do is to survive the hunger, thirst and cold. You also need to look out for domineering players wo will attack you without provocation.

The game is set in a wooded forest world which is filled with resources such as berries, trees, stone and other resources. You can either compete and kill other players or team up and help each other to survive. In order to survive, you need to craft and collect items such as food, wood, stones etc. so that you have something to eat and fire and shelter to keep you warm. Wiki

Check out this Wiki Guide for more detailed strategies, tips, and tricks to help you survive and thrive in this game. Also check out the video below.

Play Fulscreen

Just click on the blue Fullscreen button below the header menu and it will make fullscreen. Have fun.