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PACMAN Online Flash Game in Fullscreen Mode

Play this Classic Retro 80s game Pac-Man online for free on your pc's browser.

If you don't already know, the gameplay is set in a sort of maze. In this game, you control pacman a pie-chart faced character and you have to eat all the pac-dots (or just dots or biscuits) as they are called. Eat all the dots present on the game canvas to advance to the next stage.

There are four bad guys (called monsters or ghosts) who roam the maze and try to destroy you. If any of the four touch you, you lose a life and have to start over. Lose all your lives and its game over.

There are also four power pellets or dots stationed near the four corners of the game canvas. These special pac-dots give you the ability - for a short period of time- to eat your enemies.

Strategise, use tactics and plan out the movements of the monsters to be able to eat all the dots and advance to the next level.

Power up with the special pellets to destroy the enemies. Be careful that the power-ups don't run out before you eat them otherwise you lose a life.

Great game for everyone for all ages. This version is designed using flash and hence can only be played on laptops or desktops and not on mobile phones.

Pacman was designed by Toru Iwatani and released by Namco on May 1980. It was a big hit and was one of the most popular games for many years. This online web version of the game was developed and hosted by Neave

Pacman Online in Fullscreen

You can play this game in full cinematic mode. To do this, just lick the blue "Fullscreen" button thats present at the top of the game canvas to make the game encompass your viewport fully.