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We've scouted the web to find you the best .io games out ther. These are the highest rated, most fun popular and addicting io games available online. Hope you have fun and enjoy playing them.

They are all free-to-play. You can signup and play using your email or social media account. Or you can just directly join the fun as a guest without going through the signing up process.

The benefits of signing up and creating your own account is that you can save your progress in the game. You can come back again the next time and continue where you left off.

Online io games are basically MMOs with simple graphics. Their simplicity has many benefits- it gives a retro feeling that brings back good memories to the gamers and since they are online, it enables the browser to load the games faster, enabling a smoother play.

These games are easy to learn and a total newbie can start playing with others around the world and have a good time. Those who like a little challenge in their games will not be disappointed either- compete with, kill, destroy others and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Some common haracteristics of online io games are-

  • Their website domains almost all end with .io (There are a few exceptions though- for example: snake.is
  • The playing is set in a sort of huge arena where players from around the world play and compete with each other
  • There is a scoreboard listing the top scorers (of the day, week etc...)
  • Depending on the type of game players earn points (score) by collecting power-ups (shields, coins, badges etc..) and/or by destroying other players.