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LORDZ.IO Online MMO Game

Lordz.io is a new .io game from the creators of Squadd.io. It is a tower defense MMO stategy game (similar to Clash of clans, moomoo.io with a bit of agar.io) set in Medieval times.

You start off as a small lord and you have to collect gold in order to build houses and build a unit of your own. Once you've done that you can start building towers to defend it and keep on growing- growpotatoes, buy dragons, soldiers, barbarians, Archers etc..

When you have reached a significant size you can start attacking and conquering other units/territories. Keep on going till you become King of the Land.

Lordz.io Controls

Movement: Mouse
Attack Buildings: Click and hold
Build House: E
Build Tower:R
Buy soldier: T
Buy Knight: Y
Buy Archer: U
Buy Barbarian: I
Buy Dragon: O
Split Army: Space Bar
Chat: Enter

Lordz.io Fullscreen Unblocked

You can play Lordz.io in fullscreen mode here by pressing the Fullscreen button on the top of the page.
If the original site is blocked on your computer you can play it here unblocked.

Lordz.io Screenshot Images

lordz.io gameplay

lordz.io online game gameplay

lordz.io fullscreen gameplay