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Infinite Super Mario Bros lets you play your favorite mario games online from any device- pc, phone or tablet.

This version features some of the best levels and adventures from the classic Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World.

Infinite Super Mario Bros Controls

Movement- Cursor Keys.
Sprint and shoot- A
Jump- S

If you love super Mario then you'll enjoy this game as it lets you play infinte levels. Created using HTML5 and javascript for cross-device playing. This game was created by Open HTML5 Games and is available for download from github. Enjoy.


This is an online HTML5 version of Infinite Mario so you can play this game on any device:
Mobile Phone (Android or iOS)Browser
Desktop PC Browser
Tablet Browser

Play Infinite Super Mario Fullscreen Online

To make this game encompass the whole of your computer's screen, just click on the blue fullscreen button located at the top of the page. Have fun.