diep.io online tanks game

Diep.io Online

Diep.io is an awesome online multiplayer tank shooting game. In this game you are a tank and you have to shoot other tanks and obstacles.

The more tanks and obstacles you destroy the more points you gain which you can use to buy upgrades for your vehicle.

Diep.io Mini Wiki

Below you'll find some information about the game such as the various tanks, modes, tips etc.

Game Modes

After Selecting your username you can choose to play in either of the following modes- FFA, 2 Teams or 4 Teams (Team Deathmatch), Domination, Tag, Maze or Sandbox.


The environment is very similar to agar.io and you start off being a blue circle with grey turrets. There are colored obstacles in the map such as triangles, pentagons and squares that you can shoot to level up.


Use the arrow keys or W,A,S and D to move around.
Press on 'Spacebar' or Click on Mouse to shoot.
Press 'E' to auto-fire.
Press 'C' to auto-spin.
Press 'Shift' to repel drones.
Press 'Y' to show Upgrade Tree.

Diep.io Fullscreen

You can play diep in fullscreen mode by clicking on the blue fullscreen button above the game canvas. Enjoy.

Diep.io Online Unblocked

If the site diep.io is blocked on your computer then you can access it unblocked here. It's the same game, we've just embedded it on a sandbox iframe which you can also enjoy in full cinematic mode. Enjoy.