Most Downloaded iOS Games of May 2017: Top 16 for iPhone or iPad

As of 31 May 2017, these are the hottest free games on the itunes store for iphone and ipads. We've also included googleplay links in case you are viewing this article from an android device.

16. Color Switch

Color Switch is an awesome game with a simple yet challenging gameplay tap the ball to change colors so that it matches the obstacle to get through. Quick reflexes are important in this game.

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15. Roll The Ball: Slide Puzzle

Create a path so that the ball can move to the red goal by sliding the puzzle pieces. Great brain teaser of a fame for everyone of all ages.

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14. Block Hexa Puzzle

A new puzzle game by the same creator of the game above (Roll the ball slide puzzle) - Bit Mango. This fabulous game is similar to the classic ascode hit Tetris. But here the field and the blocks are hexashaped.

Download this awesome game for free from itunes or the google play store below.

Also check out these free online hex – games:-Block the pig and Hex Blitz. They’re playable from any devices browser without any downloads.

13. Dancing Line

In this a new bit single by the classic pop-group ABBA? No. Its a rhythm based skill game from Chutah Mobile. Use your reflexes and listen to the music to avoid obstacles and traps and zig zag through the game.

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12. PES 2017 Pro Evolution Soccer

Probably one of the best smatphone sports game to date PES 2017 takes mobile gaming to a whole new level. A level mostly seen and experienced on PC and console games. Outstanding graphics, great game play natural repressive mechanics get ready for some (almost) realistic football playing.

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11. Clash of clans

This game has been popular & stayed at the top harts for a while now and its with good reason – great multiplayer gameplay and reguale updates keeps the pass happy and coming lack for more. Join the millions of players and build clans and battle it out with each other.

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10. BowMasters

A fighting game with bows and arrows. There are lots of different character with unique attacks & powers. One of the best artillery games available with online multiplayer mode. This is our favorite from this list.

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9. The Moron Test

One of the best selling iOS games of all time. Test your 1Q with the plethora of brain-teasers available on this app. The games starts off with simple puzzles and tasks but get trickier as the game progresses. Perfect app for those who like mind exercising games.

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8. ReColor- Coloring book for Adults

Recolor is a coloring activity app that includes over 1000+ illustrations for you to fill up with color. Also new pictures are added to the app everyday so if you like coloring apps then this might be the only one you will ever need. Great app to relax and unwind with for adults and young adults alike.

No app can beat real–life coloring but if you don’t have the stationery for that, then this is the next best thing.

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7. Episode: Choose your Story

Visual storytelling interactive game where you get to control your avatar with regards to his/her life’s decisions. Plenty of characters and stories to choose from. Choose how you want to look and what you want to do. You can also write your own stories. Great for people who likes soap operas or are aspiring writers. Thousands of interactive episodes to choose from.

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6. Word Cookies

A simple word puzzle game with unlimited gameplay. You are given a set of letters that you can use to compose words with. With 580 + levels and continuous updates you won’t ever need any other word game. You can also check out Word Candy a similar game that you can play online without any downloads.

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Word Cookies Online

5. Family Feud Live

The app game of the popular TV game show Family Fend. There are three main game modes to choose from – classic tournament and fast money. Fund casual guessing game that you can play with other people online. Read a more detailed review of the app here.

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4. Zombie Gunship Survival

You control a heavily-armed AC – 130 aircraft in this awesome shooting game. Your Mission? Kill the endless words of zombees and save humanity from the attack of the undead beautiful graphics and fantastic gameplay.

Join the millions of game who’ve already download this free game.

3. Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

This game is dedicated to one of themost unloved pokemons in the series- Magikarp. Here you have to train magikarp to be the best jumper he/she/it can be. This is not a sequel (or even similar) to Pokemon Go, so don't go into this expecting that or you willbe disappointed. It's just a sort of fun mini-casual game. Perfect if you like simple games like flappy bird etc..

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2. BallZ

BallZ is an awesome game similar to the classic videogame 'Breakout' where you have to smash lines of bricks by a bouncing ball. Collect the white rings to get more balls and keep breaking bricks. How high can you score?

You can also play BallZ Online. This version is adfree and playable on any device- iphone, ipad, android, pc- without any downloads.

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1. Balls VS Blocks

The hit new game thats at the top of the AppStore for May; BallZ involves guiding a sort of snake made up of balls through a maze. Guide the snake to break the bricks. It's like a combination of /snake and BallZ. Collect the balls to lengthen your snake. Enjoy.

You can also play the game online on any device- phon, tablet, computer adfree- Balls VS Blocks Online

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