9 Online Mind Games (Puzzles and Brain Teasers) you can Play on your Device's Browser without Download

Check out these online mind games that you can play for free. We've selected some of the best brain teasers that will keep your brain cells active.


Streamline is an indie puzzle game where you have to guide the line to reach the goal. There are obstacles that you have to move the line around in order to get to the purple-thing destination.

This game was created by an indie developer – Francois Van Niekerk of ClockWorkAcorn. It doesn’t contain any ads and you can play all the 56 levels for free. There is also an infinite mode with unlimited computer generated puzzling levels for your brain to tackle on.

2048 –

2048 is an addictive numerical puzzle game with over 20 million downloads in the Google Play Store. You can play the online version on ozogames in fullscreen mode- without any need for download.

Swipe or use your arrow keys (if you are on a computer) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they add up and merge into one. So 2+2 = 4, 4+4 = 8 and so on. The more tiles you merge and the higher the numbers are in the grid, the more difficult it becomes. Can you get to the ultimate number 2048?

4 Pics 1 Word

You probably don't need any description for this as you must have probably heard of and know what 4 Pics 1 Word game is all about. Well if you haven't then like the name suggests its a simple mind exercising game where you are shown 4 pics and you have to guess the common meaning/association between all the pics.

You can play the online version here for free without any downloads and ads.

Block The Pig: -

There is a cute little pig in the middle of a hexagonal maze. Place hex blocks on the maze to prevent the piggy from escaping. With cute simple animation and excellent gameplay this game is the perfect casual puzzle game for kids and adults alike.

You get to place three blocks first at the start of the game. Use this opportunity to block the pig's closest escape route. This game is easy at the beginning but gets harder as you advance further as there are less blocks already in place which means our little friend has a higher chance of escaping.

Plan in advance so that this doesn’t happen. This is one of the cutest and most fun puzzle game you can play. Playable in full screen mode from any device.


If you enjoyed playing the classic game Tetris in the olden days, then you'll love Tetroid. Like Tetris you place the elements given so that they fill the entire block of a line – horizontally or vertically. Once you do this the line disappears and you earn points.

Unlike Tetris though, you get to place the blocks where you want them taking your own sweet time instead of them falling from the sky.

This simple, fun yet challenging brain-teaser of a game can be played from any device in fullscreen mode – phone, desktop/laptop or tablet.

There is also a sequel- Tetroid 2 which has similar gameplay. The game is set in a Christmas Winter theme. It's very relaxing.

Hex Blitz

Hex Blitz is a fun shape fitting puzzle game. In this brain teasing game, you have a hexagonal field with some missing blocks. Fit the given blocks in the right place to complete the puzzle.

It's pretty easy at first but becomes more challenging as you go on to higher stages. Look at the shapes and spaces carefully and try to complete the puzzle as quickly as you can to score the most points. Great mind game for kids and adults alike.

cut the rope time travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

You have probably heard about the popular Cut The Rope games where you have to cut the rope(s) in order to feed the candy attached to it to the little monster's (om nom) mouth. Well this is the third installment of the game and this time there are two mouths to feed instead of one. So double the fun and the challenge.

You can also play online the First and secong installment of the games here:-
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope 2

Animal Quiz:-

Test your knowledge about the various creatures that share planet Earth with us. In this game you are shown an image of an animal and you have to spell out its name using the given letters. So, yes this works as a spelling quiz too.

Common and popular animals such as the zebra donphin, giraffe, are easy to identify and their names are easy to spell. But you may find other wild animals names difficult to spell or even identify. And with more than 500 species to go through, get ready to discover some wild and exotic creatures.

Physics Drop

Note: this game is best played on big screen devices such as laptops and desktops. It may not work properly on mobile phones and tablets.
Physics Drop is an online TML5 game where you have to draw lines to guide the red ball to the U-shaped cup. Like the name suggests, this is a physics based game that works on the law of Gravity. But it's also a puzzler as you have to think in order to advance through the levels.

Remember that the lines you've drawn also react to gravity so construct them to be sturdy enough that they don't fall off. This is a good min-stimulating game as you try to find the correct pathway to make the ball drop successfully into the container.

Simple but addictive game that will keep you occupied for hours. Great thinking game for old and young ones (especially for children as it helps them develop their cognitive abilities) alike.

The above are perfect for adults who want simple but mind-stimulating games to pass the time or for young people to help them increase their thinking abilities. Hope the above list has been helpful to you. Use the buttons below to share this article with people you think might be interested in these kinds of games. Have a nice day :)