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BeGone Guerra

BeGone is an awesome First Person shooter online game with multiple modes and maps. If you like multiplayer shooting games like Counter Srike and Mini Militia then you'll love this game.

Choose which group you want to be with- the SWATTeam (aka the good guys) or the Militia (the bad guys). You earn money after every round of playing which you can then use to purchase new ammo and gear

Strategies and tactics are as important as fast reaction time if you want to survive and win. Try to shoot and kill as many enemy units as you can before the time is up. This will help you earn the maximum amount of cash which will enable you to buy and upgrade your weapons and gear such as the M4A1 assault rifle and holographic scopes etc.

BeGone is a multiplayer FPS browser game which means you can play and compete with your friends or other players from around the world. It offers fantastic gameplay, an immersive realistic gaming experience and awesome graphics. And it's all completely free. No registration is required. You can start playingthis instant.

This game was created by NPlay and this Unity Flash online version is hosted and distributed by CloudGames.