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Animal Quiz

Test your Animal Knowledge and spelling abilities with this fun picture quiz game. Play now on your phone, tablet or desktop's browser in fullscreen mode without any download.

The gameplay is simple- you are shown a picture of an animal and you have to spell out it's name using the given letters below the image. There are more than 500 species to go through in this game. How many can you identify?

Domestic animals' names such as hamsters, horses, cats etc. are easy to spell but there are many more wild animals whose name you might not even know. There are so many wonderful and exotic creatures in this Earth of ours that we are yet to know. Discover them with this fun web game.

This game is the perfect learning tool to get to know more about animals for young and adults alike. You can play this with your friends and family as you each try to identify the animal's name. Get ready for a good time while you learn something new.