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Welcome to ozogames –home to some of the best (read: most popular) and most loved online games on the World Wide Web. We have taken the time to search through the internet and find high quality games that you can play for free on your device’s browser.

HTML5, Flash and WebGL Online Browser Games

Almost all (95%) of our embedded games are made using HTMLS technology. This means that they are multi-device responsive so you can play them from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. As you must have noticed there are a few games that we’ve labelled ‘FLASH’ and ‘PC’ . These games require the Adobe Flash Player to work and hence can be played only from your desktop or laptop. There are also games that are only marked ‘PC’ these are HTMLS games that are best played from big screen devices such as laptops and desktops. These mostly use WebGL technology that gives them a beautiful 3D experience, but renders them too heavy for mobile use. They can be accessed from smaller devices but may not be responsive or not work properly or at all.

All the games you see on this page or in other category pages are embedded on the site. So you can play the web games without leaving ozogames or having to download anything. We’ve also added a fullscreen button to all the games so that you can enjoy your playing in the highest resolution display possible.

Free Online Games without Registration

Our games do not require any registration or sign ups to play. Just click to start and enjoy the game. You also don’t need to download any game as they are all hosted and playable online. The only thing you need is a good internet connection and a modern internet browser.

Game Publishers- Famobi, CloudGames, PlaytoMax, Indie Devs, etc.

Our games come from a variety of publishers including Famobi, Spilgames, Softgames, Gamepix, Spritted, PlayToMax and CloudGames. We’ve also added a few excellent in die games which impressed us with their simple yet brilliant and fund game play. There examples of this are civclicker, streamline and Birdcage. If we find a good game on Scratch we'll also add them here- so far we've only added one Scratch game- Geometry Dash Online.

Collection of the Best

But whether the games come from big time publishers or one-man-team indie studio we’ve taken the time to select the best of them for your playing pleasure. Having said that, this ate is still a work in progress and there are still a lot of beautiful game out there that we’ve yet to our collection.

Online Games Fullscreen

All of our games can be played in full cinematic mode by clicking the blue "Fullscreen" button thats present at the top of every game canvas.

So join us to discover and play the most amazing games available on the World Wide Web.